Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why We Need Alpha Heroes in Real Life and Fiction

The real world is a dangerous place. Most times we don't think on such things, until the local or national news reminds us. We normally just go about our business, our thoughts consumed with self. Nothing wrong with that, btw.

When recent events in Paris happened, I was not only saddened but somewhat scared as well. I am one of those who goes about her life with little thought to something bad ever happening. I'm not suggesting we live in fear, not by any means should we let evil win, but I can't help feeling vulnerable at a time like this.

That's when I started to think of the heroes in books. Most of the books I read, the men are alpha heroes with rough edges and no apologies. They are the type of hero who you can walk down a dark alley with and he'll get you out safely to the other side. That is why I read the books that I do.

As strong of a woman as I know that I am, I'm still grateful for those men in our world who mirror the alpha heroes of books: The soldier, the law enforcement officer; the man willing to stand and defend others, no matter the cost.

The alpha heroes in books, though fictional, are comfort in a world where we sometimes feel vulnerable to the destructive nature of others. A man willing to defend and protect his loved ones, is the reason I read romances.

We need to appreciate the real heroes in our lives, especially those strong men who take the safety of others into their keeping.  

Just my thoughts.


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