Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Car Shopping as a Female Author

Please excuse my absence of late. The past month I've embarked upon a wondrously strenuous journey. I know almost everyone out there will have taken this journey at least once in their life. If you're a woman, and you've walked this particular road alone, then you know how hellish it can become.
I've been car shopping!
As a writer I may have over complicated the experience anyway with endless research and questions, but what else was I to do. All money ventures must be researched and large purchases even more so. So with that in mind I began my research.
I looked at reliable sites such as Consumer Reports and Edmonds on car shopping tips. These are great sites for research. I learned more about sales tactics and pricing than I ever thought I might. It took about two weeks to become familiar with the used car market and once so, I began my browsing on dealership sites.
Two more weeks I spent going to dealerships to see certain makes and model up close and do a few test drives. And here my fun began as I made my way though a slew of bull**** that salespeople are trained to use.
Here are some funny things I encountered:
At one dealership, the man kept asking whether I loved the color of each car he showed me. Haha. I didn't care and continued asking him the specs of the car and to see under the hood. Yeah, I'm now knowledgeable enough to know what I'm looking for under the hood. Duh, on him.
One car I looked at had condensation on the inside of the lights. I pointed this out to the salesman and he said it was okay because the car had just been washed. WTF? Note to others: You should not be able to tote fish around in your headlights. That is an issue with the seal around the lights and is not acceptable.
At another dealership I encountered a man who pointed out the mirrors and lights on the inside for doing my makeup. Huh?
In the end I finally encountered a professional, polite salesman who didn't try to lie to me. He sensed I understood the buying process and cars, and treated me with the respect I deserved. The same can't be said for the finance man whose chauvinistic attitude caused me to put him in his place. Yeah, I may be a writer, but I can use words and tone like blades. He learned quickly that I knew my stuff. Practically, told me to leave his office when we were done. Lol. He hated me.
I'm prouder than I can tell you because I know that no one got the best of me in any of these encounters. I kept my cool, remained politely detached and allowed no one to disrespect me as a consumer.
I know most women go with a man to buy a car, but it doesn't hurt for us to be knowledgeable as well. We need to speak up more and ask questions. Men may think they know everything, but we women know men.    
So, what's the most interesting experience you've had buying a car? I'd love to hear it!
Cheers to life's growing experiences,

Mary Corrales is a multi-published author in multiple erotic romance genres including paranormal, contemporary suspense, and futuristic.  


  1. Hmmm...I wish I could say my car buying experiences have been interesting...but the guy we bought our car from was the brother in law of friend of mine and he gave us a great deal without any hassle. I'm super glad I didn't have to deal with any of the types of guys you talked about in your post. It sounds like handled yourself very well. It's too bad though that as as woman you had to go in and be prepared to be treated that way. Deeply frustrating that our society, in many circles, still supports the chauvinistic male attitude!

    Best of luck to you finding a new car though!

    1. Hi Ivy, thanks for the comment. It does seem to be easier shopping when you know someone in the business. Thankfully, I can say I now have a new car and am extremely happy...a bit tired too. :)