Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flitting about the blogs; Publisher News and Books to Read

What's everyone up to this week? I'm busy, busy and it I don't expect to see a slow down until May. Ha! As if I have hope that life will be any calmer in May. Oh well. Check out what's the buzz for this week.
Today, April 23rd, I'm at Tabby's Nocturnal Nights. It's all about why I write in the paranormal genre. Is it my niche market? Perhaps, but there is something more that draws me to paranormal romance. Find out what here
I will be guest blogging at DD Symms on Friday, April 26th. I'll be talking about the wicked things one does with co-workers. Haha. Here's the link to his site, come on over and join the fun. DD Symms

Ah, before I forget. There is some great Publisher News from Breathless Press. Here is the press release for this coming weekend, April 27-28th.
Breathless Press is pleased to announce it's second annual critique session. Spring Clean those manuscripts and get it looked at by one of our professional editors. This is free, open to the public, published or unpublished! The session will be held from Saturday, April 27th - Sunday
April 28th. We will accept the first five pages of a manuscript, 12 pt Times New Roman or Courier New font. It must be sent as a .doc or .rtf

And here is the big news: any manuscripts that particularly catch our eye will be asked to submit a full and potentially offered a contract! We will announce the e-mail address to send your pieces to on Friday, April 26th! https://www. facebook. com/BreathlessPr essPage?fref= ts
Oh, and in New Release news, Debra Kayn's new book Breathing His Air has been released. Deb's a friend but more than that I love her biker romance books, so that's why I'm mentioning this. Here is the link to her post
So, there you have it! Exciting stuff that I wanted to share with you this week.  What's going on out there for everyone else?
Until new week,
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