Monday, April 8, 2013

Fiction Writing Classes in College

I took fiction writing classes in college many years ago. As fate would have it, I recently ran into my writing instructor and it brought back the memory of those, all important, formal classes. Let me explain why I say this.
I've always loved writing, but until this particular teacher, I never knew the correct way to lay out a scene. Books on how to write are great, but nothing beats a instructor showing you step by step what a scene, description, or dialogue should really look like.
In this class we all wrote different types of stories but writing by themes helped us all to understand what elements of writing really make up a good story. It brought to life characterization, setting and really sparked our imaginations. It helped us to learn to think more creatively and how to harness those thoughts on paper.
Has anyone else taken creative writing classes in the past? Did you find them useful?
I have to also say that the encouragement I received in those classes went a long way to helping me to achieve becoming a published author. It gave me confidence, and an understanding of technique that I wouldn't have had otherwise.
Those college classes made a real difference in my life. You don't have to pursue a degree to take classes; you just have to want to learn. A good teacher will foster your talent and really help you focus on those dreams of success.
Oh, and FYI they were community college classes. Yep, Universities are great but there are awesome teachers at every level of education.
I plan on keeping in touch with this teacher, and she was thrill to hear that I was a published author now. It's funny, you never know how much someone will influence your life. I'd like to think that my being published made her happy to realize all her hard work with her students really does pay off. Until next time...
Happy reading,

Mary Corrales is a multi-published author of erotic romance. She writes in several genres including paranormal, fantasy, futuristic, and contemporary suspense.

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