Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Tour Dates from Author Kari Thomas

I love sharing book news and this is a great one if you enjoy paranormal romances the way that I do. Kari Thomas is doing a book tour this first week of April! I don't know what books she's featuring but I do know the where.

I've wrangled the dates out of her and included the links so that everyone can visit and check out excerpts, blogs and other great stuff. I'm excited, and you know I'll be popping in on her hop to see what she's got cooking.

Kari Thomas Book Tour                                                                                             April 2013

April 6 
Booked & Loaded  --Guest Post/Author Interview

April 8 
Offbeat Vagabond –Review
Stop by each of these sites for some fantastic fun. Kari is always interesting and if you've never read one of her shifter romances, you're missing out on an incredible experience. She put humor and love in just the right combination to create an incredible romance.

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