Monday, April 29, 2013

A Dirty Mind Never Quits

Maybe it's just me but I hear innuendos everywhere lately. Yes, being an erotic romance writer probably has tinged my perspective, but it can't just be me. I recently saw an article titled something like, "How to come to a satisfying end".
Okay really, am I not to snicker at that?
I know the writer was referring to something else, but the title is too naughty. I suppose it's my curse to have a dirty mind…not that I'm complaining. After all, it makes life a hell of a lot more fun, especially when listening to boring people talk, if you can hear an innuendo or two in their phrasing.
Ever listen to a man talk about eating a big burger: how they couldn't open their mouth wide enough to get it in. *snicker* Yeah, it's amazing what people say that they don't realize.
Of course, a dirty mind will on occasion get in the way of normal life. When you start cracking up laughing, for no apparent reason, in a group…it may make others think you're insane. Thankfully, most know that I write salacious books, so my friends bear with my strangeness.
What can I tell you…I have fun in life!
Life is one big, dirty joke if you have the kind of mind that I do. If not, learn to cultivate an ear for innuendos, and you'll smirk through boring meetings and long lines at the grocery store. 
Oh, a small disclaimer. Unless you trust those you're with, never admit to thinking dirty thoughts. It might get you in trouble. Anyway, it's more fun to appear mentally mysterious.

Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes in the paranormal, contemporary suspense and futuristic genres.

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