Monday, March 25, 2013

What's Your Easter Week Entail?

Is anyone else feeling the crunch of Easter coming around? I've yet to finish decorating. Who knew putting up bunnies and ducks around the living room could be so time consuming. We decorate for the little family members, of course.
Then I have to decorate the table. I've got a blush pink table cloth and a flower arrangement for the center but haven't actually gotten to putting them up.
The menu!
Ahh! Okay, ham for sure. My brother and sister in law usually bring potatoes, lasagna and meatballs. She's Italian and an awesome cook. Still, we need more food. *frown* Oh, deviled eggs and a vegetable platter. Good, good…
Desserts are the easiest. While we do portion control the servings, it doesn't stop us from having cheesecake and other wickedly good treats. I'm going to try and make cherry tarts this time around. The book says they're easy to make. We'll see.
Amidst all this, I have to watch The Passion of the Christ at least once. It's my family's Easter tradition movie since it came out. I have to admit that I enjoy the movie because it somehow calms all the holiday chaos in my head. It also reminds me what Easter is "really" about. We also try to catch The Robe with Richard Burton and The Ten Commandments, if they're on t.v.  Both great classics.
 Any movies you look forward to catching as Easter approaches?
Well, it's off I go to get some writing done. Not on what you think. I have an angel WIP I like to toil on. It's this story I'll work on this week and give Sindriel's story a break.
For those looking for me Tuesday the 26th, I'm visiting Sage Marlowe's blog. She interviewed me and I shared a naughty little excerpt with her. Check it out.

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