Monday, March 18, 2013

Does It Take Bravery To Be A Writer?

I love when people say, "I could write a book." Yes, most anyone has the physical capabilities to write a book. It's in the fingers, one might say.
Nonetheless, those of us who are writers know that the characters and stories we create are more than cutouts of simplified personas. A good story relies of psychology. A good story takes the author to places they wouldn't go on their own.
Writers follow the characters. Whether an author outlines or writes freestyle as the story comes to them, we follow along and learn the hero and heroine as they experience their own lives.
Imagination flows when writing, and with that current comes character flaws and challenges. Some of us create characters broken by harsh childhoods, or characters simply wounded by life's disappointments and cruelties. This may not be our personal experience, but to these dark depths we must go as writers.
People often believe we writers write about our own lives. No. What makes us unique is our ability to experience emotion and moments through our imagination that bring a scene to life. We immerse ourselves in that moment in order to bring a reader that much closer to a character.
I enjoy exploring the idea of broken hearts and fear; the moment when a person must make that decision to be brave and to let someone into their heart. We all know it's not an easy choice to make. My characters know that even with physical attraction that they must surrender a bit of their control over everything in order to let another person into their lives. They must allow access to their heart.
Writers write because we have a passion within us. It isn't ego that propels us to expend hours of energy to create page after page. It is passion; that love of story, adventure and character where we travel along and are able to be brave with and for the characters.
If you've ever finished writing a book, you know the idea of sending it out to a publisher is excruciatingly scary. Doubts assail us and somehow all our bravery falls away as we face our own fears of rejection.
So, does it take bravery to be a writer? It does if you're doing it right.
You'll pour your heart into this story, exploring character traits deeply and hope to do justice to the end result. If your heart isn't in the story, you aren't invested in the characters lives. Without investment, they are puppets dancing to the will of the string.  To that end, you will fail the reader for they won't continue a book with shallow characters.
 Emotions like love are scary and not for the fainthearted. That's why romance writers put so much time into their stories, to show that bravery has its rewards, especially where the heart is concerned.
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