Friday, February 1, 2013

Thoughts on February, Valentine's Day and Romance

Welcome to February, the month of romance!
It's time to make plans to treat that loved one to something special on Valentine's Day this Thursday, February, 14th.
Will it be candy and roses?  Despite the day falling on a weeknight, there are still plenty of romantic things that can be enjoyed.
Will you treat your lover to a little something special every day, be a little more spontaneous in your kisses, or perhaps just let them have the t.v. controls a little more often? Romance doesn't have to be complicated, this we women know.
Considerate gestures such as a kiss on the neck in the morning or a foot massage are easy ways to have a small romantic moment every day. Rub your lover's shoulders as they cook dinner. Tweak them on the butt before leaving the room. Let's not forget that elevators are a great place to be a little mischievous. The rush of a kiss in private before the doors open is excellent fun.
How about reading a particularly spicy scene from a romance to your lover? Men prefer the sex scenes. Reminds me how popular Clandestine Eyes is with my male readers. You never go wrong with an oral scene with men. *wink* Women more often want an emotionally connected romance scene, so if you're a man, let your lady-love pick the scene in a book and read it to her in bed or in the bath.
Little things that say "I desire you" are sometimes better than more elaborate gestures of affection. There are plenty of men who prefer the elaborate, as demonstrated by the number of marriage proposals on Valentine's Day as well.
Whatever your pleasure, make sure to enjoy February and do something kind and loving toward the one you share your heart with. Such gestures are never unappreciated.
Romantic reading,

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