Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Do You Romance A Man on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day usually has an emphasis on women and couples, but today I'm focusing on the men we women love so much. Romance doesn't have to be about money. No, what matters is the consideration and thought you put into romance. Men value romance differently than women. A man appreciates a considerate gesture over monetary gifts like flowers and candy. So, what can we, as women, do to put a little romance in our man's life?  
The key to romancing a man is FUN.
Massages: Yes, men love massages. It makes them feel cared for and helps them to relax. Ladies, don't give your man to another woman's hands, perform the massage yourself. He'll appreciate the consideration. You don't have to be trained; you just have to want to please him.
Have him lie down and start with his shoulders and work your way down. It isn't about seducing him though if he relaxes enough, he may want to take things that direction. The key is that is about him with no expectations of reciprocation.
Sexy Notes: These must be a bit more flirty and specific than those a woman might appreciate. Men like specifics. Put a note in his briefcase, or simply put it on top of his wallet before he leaves for work. Short and sexy gets the job done, and if he smiles or laughs, that's good too.
 I want to taste you.
I dreamt of you last night. Mmmm
Can I join you in the shower tonight?
I've misplaced my panties. Do you have them?
I'll be touching myself today as I think of you.
Make your own Valentine Card: Yes, we all remember cutting hearts out of red construction paper. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to make him a Valentine that says all you need to say and still keep the costs low. In addition, psychologically it'll take him back to those days of his youth when life always seemed much simpler.
A personalized Valentine Card can also be combined with the next suggestion if you'd like.
Send him to a Sporting Event: Men love sports. If you have the money, buy him two tickets to his favorite game and suggest he take a friend. Present him with the tickets on Valentine's Day. No ladies, we aren't going with him. Men need male bonding time, and this is an acknowledgement of that need to show that we understand him.
Here's wishing all you ladies great success with romancing your man this Valentine's Day. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.
Men, don't be shy, what would you like your women to do for you for Valentine's Day?

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