Thursday, February 7, 2013

Authors: Avoid Social Media Scams

Due to the sheer ways and means of social media that an author might traverse in their day, I've done this blog to provide awareness of scams going around. Indeed, I've experienced these nasties myself. Beneath each scam is a safety tip to help you deal with it. Skepticism is your best friend when on the internet.
Internet scams on Twitter: Comes from a follower/friend's account
"Bad pictures are being posted of you." Link to pic included
"This person is saying bad things about you." Link included

Tip: Those on Twitter will recognize the above tweets or some variation there of. These are dangerous to your computer's security. Don't ever click on the link. The message usually comes as a direct message. If in doubt, contact the person on the twitter stream and ask if they DM'd you.

Internet scams via Yahoo groups:      

"Dear friend's, I am stuck overseas (in such and such country) and need your help. I've lost all my money and am in desperate need. If you can help please wire a few dollars."

Tip: Again, there will be variations of this one, but when it comes to your Yahoo groups it's a scam. Authors don't put out public pleas to wire money. Sorry to say but you can't let your big heart make the decision. Don't ever wire money to someone you haven't met in person or can't contact directly.
1)      Beware: This scam can also come via email.

Internet scams via Email:

This last one is my favorite and most recent. It supposedly came from fdic(dot)gov. Yeah right!

"Dear Sir, We regret that we will be freezing your accounts due to insufficient security. If you would like to resolve this issue we recommend you install the following software to restore your accounts. Please click on this link. (The word link is a hyperlink so you won't see where it's from)

Tip: First off, Don't panic! The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) does not send you links to update your security. You, as an individual, are not that important to a large government agency. Think about it. Second, freezing accounts are a legal matter and happen in courts first.

Those are my tips for a safer experience against scams. Please feel free to mention scams you know or tips to stay safe in the comments section. When living the Romance Author Lifestyle we must traverse the traps others set for us.

Good writing to you,

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