Friday, February 15, 2013

Author Spotlight: Shifter Romance Author, Kari Thomas

Readers, this wonderful President's Day weekend I'm doing an author spotlight on a dear friend and one of the best romance writers I've ever read: Kari Thomas.
Okay, maybe I'm biased as she's a dear friend, but there is no denying that her characters catch you from page one and leave you sighing at the end. If there is ever an author that I aspire to be like it would be Kari. Maybe her and I being friends makes me partial to her writing, so I'll share my favorite books with you readers and you can judge for yourself.

My first favorite book is Temptation Unleashed. Here's a partial blurb to enjoy.
Something wild this way comes…
Once a powerful, practicing Wiccan, Kira Douglas has reluctantly moved to wild and beautiful Sedona, Arizona for only one reason—assume custody of her dead sister’s daughter. She immediately runs into an obstacle. The child’s uncle, the disturbingly sexy Aiden Calhoun, refuses to give her up.
Aiden has good reason for not allowing Kira custody of his precious niece. The child is half witch, half shapeshifter. Allowing her to take the girl could expose the family’s shapeshifting secret he has spent a lifetime protecting.
Their instant attraction isn’t just an inconvenient temptation. It could put his entire family in danger.

Yes, this book is hot and exciting as these characters spark on one another like tinder. This is always an enjoyable book to read and reread.

My second favorite is a unique dragon shifter romance titled Surrender Her Touch. Here's the blurb for this one.
Surrendering her touch could be fatal; will she chose her own life over the lives of her enemies? When a shocking truth uncovers secrets from her past, Summer is faced with life or death situations. Should she accept what has been revealed and give of her healing power to the very dragon shapeshifters who destroyed her family or should she run as fast and as far as she can? What about the too-sexy-for-his-own-good dragon shifter who has stolen her heart and soul--the very man who will not let her say 'No' to her deadly destiny?

If she surrenders, will she lose more than just her heart and soul? Will the shifter she loves stand by and let her sacrifice everything?

Both books are available in print format which I love. I love to read books on my kindle but a treasured book has to be in paperback, but maybe that's just me.
Which Kari Thomas book is your favorite or will you be reading your first one from her this weekend?
Me? I have a date with a blank page, but if I do it right, I might just find a sexy man waiting to be fleshed out. Hmm, somehow that turned out smutty sounding. Lol. I blame it on Kari and her steamy writing.  J
Happy reading,


  1. , Ahhh, Mary, you are the sweetest!

    And dont let her kid you, readers. SHE is a FANTASTIC Author and is destined to one day be a BEST SELLING one too!

    Hugs, Kari

    1. *Grin* Thank you. Well, I say if I'm destined for Bestsellerhood (not really a word) then I want our books side by side.

      That would be cool!