Friday, January 4, 2013

No Social Media until Your Writing is Done

This is my action plan for 2013.
Why, because my biggest time-suck comes from my playing on social media sites rather than writing. Yes, I love email, Twitter, Triberr, Linkedin, and Yahoo groups. It's what I usually check in with before every getting down to writing. This can take anywhere upward of an hour or more. I'm suspecting many of you are the same way. Yes, I see a few people ducking down in the back. haha.
Well, not in 2013.
I needed to plan of action to get more writing done and came up with this idea. This means that I will only check in with my social media after I've written. How much writing, you ask. For January, I'm not putting a word count on it, so a paragraph or a chapter, either will be acceptable. February, I will enact a specified word count per day.
What do I hope to accomplish?  The act of sitting down and writing first will instill the muscle memory and discipline that I need to finish another book. Slowly, I will become accustomed to this strict writing regimen and will see the resulting pages written.
I admit that I do best in a structured environment, so I'll put these restrictions on myself in order to get more done. The holiday, as much as I love them, always set me back a bit. We won't even mention that 2012 wasn't a very good writing year. I got sidetracked on a consistent basis.
Anyway, that was then but we are moving forward now.
This plan must come with a part "B", of course. In my next blog post, I'll share that part with you.

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