Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Mary Corrales! Welcome 2013 Resolutions

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? It's a popular activity. I wonder how many people keep those resolutions. I can't say I'm very good at keeping mine, but I think the act of making them is about wishes that hopefully lead to constructive action and success more than anything.

There are resolutions to lose weight, make more money, get a better job, find love, become successful, build a business, make a name for oneself, etc. Aren't these all things that relate to wishes for a better life? 
Of course, what you hope for can only come to pass if you have a plan of action behind your dreams. There must be concrete steps. For instance, every author knows that to "sell" a book, one must first "write" the book. So the concrete steps are to sit down and write…everyday, no matter what. Want a better job? Work the resume, and apply to jobs. Concrete steps.
So what is my main resolution for 2013?
I'm going to finish writing at least two books this year. Yes, I'm going to buckle down, keep my butt in that chair and get those stories done. I have a plan of action for doing this. It's called, "no social media until your writing is done."
I'll talk more about it on the next blog post, but as the name suggests, it's a hardcore time management technique that I believe will lead me to write more often.  
So, what is your main resolution for 2013? Do you have an action plan? Post it in the comments section and we'll all cheer you on!
Cheers for a great 2013!

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