Friday, January 25, 2013

Always A Way Through Roadblogs in Writing

Recently, I had yet another fun round of "holy shit" moments with Blogger. I found myself with a guest blog and no way to upload the photos as blogger wasn't allowing me to upload pics from my computer. I had less than a day to get this blog up and was in full panic mode.
Three hours I tried, until I decided to try and use Google's Picasso Web Album. I'd never used this before but as it was an option to upload photos from on Blogger, I decided to check it out. In being brave and clicking on the link, I found it already contained some photos from my blog. Don't ask me how, I have no idea. 
So with great trepidation, I logged onto my Google account and went to work learning Picasso Web Album.
The result: I got the blog up for my guest which included her book covers, and I learned how to use Picasso Web Album to save my guest blogger book covers. *phew*
I now have an excellent place to store pics. PWA wasn't as technical or scary as I feared. It's a bit convoluted to use, but a great back up if Blogger should ever not allow me to upload them directly.
I would have never clicked on the Picasso Web Album link if not forced to explore other options to accomplish my goals. How many times do we face huge obstacles in our lives and need to think outside our comfort zone?
It's probably the best sort of learning experience, even if it's forced upon us and we hate it at the time.
I'm not a fan of things going wrong, but being willing to think on your feet, not give up and realize there is always another way to your goal, keeps me from being buried by the stumbling blogs in my life. Haha, did you catch that one, "blogs".
Anyway, we all face challenges in life and in our writing. The trick is to be willing to learn new skills when needed.


  1. Ha! Roadblogs! I do love a good pun! :) Glad you were able to work your way through a new process!

    1. I'm glad too, even if it wasn't quite voluntary. :)