Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blogging Mechanic Panic

I have to admit that I'm still very new to blogging. I'm definitely getting better at it with each post but sometimes the mechanics escape me. For instance, I recently put up a guest author's blog, but accidentally posted it today rather than on a later scheduled date. Yes, dumb me pushed the 'publish' button before setting the post on the schedule, so the blog posted right away for a few minutes. I panicked, because I do that when something technolog-ish goes wrong, and managed to knock myself off the internet in my hurry to erase the post.

It matters a great deal to me that things go correctly when I have a guest author. I work hard to make sure their post is set up nicely and that their book covers are displayed correctly. It's a matter of respect that I take the time to do this right.

And so back to the story; I got back on the internet, signed into Blogger again and managed to delete the post and then repost it with the appropriate scheduled date. *phew* I can't tell you how upset I was to have made such a stupid mistake. The good part of this is that I learned two valuable lessons.

First, when setting up a guest author's post, I will put the post on the schedule before I copy and paste their post to the page. That way if things go wrong, I'll be okay with correcting the post.

Second, I need to accept that sometimes things go wrong and I just have to buckle down and do my best to fix my mistakes. The only mistakes that aren't fixable are those that aren't faced.

I doubt I'll ever be a great computer whiz when it comes to websites or blogging, but so long as I keep my toes in the technology based world, I'll continue to learn and grow. That's the best this little author can do. :)



  1. Lol Mary... I am glad it is not just me..

    I have a real panic when things go to Twitter when I didn't want them to and for some reason the internet always seems to crash when I am running hastily across to delete..x

    1. Hey, I'm glad it's not just me too, Talullah. Lol. Yeah, It's like one thing after another when stuff starts to crash.

      Okay, there are many of us technologically challenged people out there. Yay! It's good not to be alone. :)

  2. Awww - don't be too hard on yourself, Mary, at least you are expanding your horizons and doing what is often scary (the unknown) - Kudos to you!!
    I cant even get my webpage to post blogs on Triberr so I am rather jealous you can do this!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I suppose when it comes down to it, anything technological is just a learning experience. A pain in the butt at times, but a learning experience.

      You might try for help. They have step by step video instruction. That's where I learned.