Thursday, September 13, 2012

Written into a Corner or is it Guilt?

What guilt are we talking about? We're talking about being an "emotional hostage". There are some aspects of our writing, especially when it comes to emotions, which can block us from writing a truly amazing book. Sometimes our characters have darker aspects of ourselves that show up and instead of dealing with them, we get stuck and stop writing.
Below are some simple ways to move yourself forward and out of that corner.
Clear your mind. Easier said than done, right, and why would you do this in the first place? Yes, many of you are saying, "but I need to think in order to write." Of course you need to think, but what you don't need to do is start considering that too much of yourself is showing in your writing. Sometimes you find nothing of the author in a book or character, and other times an author is present in the book.
Truthfully, how many of us can really tell either way. The fact is that people will think as they will, so why care. Don't live your life fearing what others think, just write what you know you want to write.
Unburden your heart. Your characters can't fall in love if you are struggling with your own emotions. It's hard to write a loving scene, when your husband or boyfriend is acting like as ass and you're angry with them. So, before sitting down to write unburden your heart and remember that these characters are their own people.
Let this be your escape where two people embark on an adventure and fall in love. It's a wonderful feeling falling in love. Don't think of the complications and irritations in a relationship; just let them experience the emotions of the ride.
Force away the 'should' fairy. A better way to explain this is when you sit down to write, don't let the "should" fairy tell you that "you should be doing something else." It's important that you make time to write. Writing and editing are just as important as doing laundry, paying bills, and cooking dinner. Don't feel guilty if you make time to write/edit. Emotionally, the payoff of writing means a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Those are good payoffs.
Free your wild side. Have you ever written a scene in a book that surprised you? Did you ever say to yourself, "where did that come from?" Well, that's your wild side coming out to play. This is a good thing because if it surprises you, then it will surprise your reader as well. That's the excitement of the journey to create a book.
When you sit down to write, let writing be all you are thinking and all you are doing. Don't multitask in your mind. There will be time to do other things later. Your writing time is for writing and editing.
Best of luck!

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  1. Great Post Mary! I agree so, so, so much with your points about trying to write when your own emotions are running high and the "should" fairy. If I'm angry, the last thing I can do is write a happy go lucky passage. It's very hard for me to clear my mind...and I always feel guilty about the time I put into writing...well, not always, but sometimes. Of course, if I'm having a bad writing day, the laundry and the dishes never looked so good!