Monday, September 24, 2012

Is it Better to Edit a Printed Manuscript?

In an effort to better edit my story, Bet on the Lady, I wonder if I should print it out. While the story is just a novella, it will require 90 pages. That's paper and likely a trip to the office supply store for more ink. Is it worth it?
The story has been rejected once already. Yes, I'm admitting that because it happens to all writers. I did find grammar mistakes after the rejection that made me cringe and want to hide my head. I discovered simple misused words that should have caught my eye before I sent the story out to the publisher. 
In the past I used to print out all my stories, but not anymore. It has become a big expense in economic times that require most of us to tighten our belts. It may be time to return to the practice of printing the story out though.
Somehow, it's easier to spot the misuse of 'were' vs. 'where' in a sentence when the story is on paper. Auto-correct is great but doesn't catch those mistakes. Words like, 'though, through, and thought', are also notorious things that slip passed the eye while editing.
Does anyone else print out their work in order to do a final edit?
I suppose that whatever the cost in time or money, is worth it when the final product is accepted for publication. I'll keep repeating that as I print out these pages. Yes, it's all worth it in the end.
Off I go to the printer. I have a story to edit!


  1. I printed mine out - hating that fact now because I find SO many things that need to be changed - great right? Yeah; I suppose :P ... 171 pages too! but it saves my eyes (which I have recently been having problems with since I am on the computer so much) and I really am glad I caught the areas I could improve on better - I also tossed the pages (as suggested from our authors group) from the second story so its out of order and I dont get lost in the story and can concentrate on the words.
    Plus - I can submit paper/ink receipts to my tax lady ;)

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the comment. I never thought of tossing the pages to go through them out of order, but I do see how that would be beneficial.

      Smart tax tip too. Thank you! I'm sure my readers will love that.