Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reasons to love a Blue Moon Friday

I love the night sky; the beauty of so many stars shining down. It's especially beautiful on a night with a full moon. Why? I think because you can look up and think that all the people you love are beneath that same moon.
If you're married, you have your family all tucked away beneath that same night sky. You can look up at the night sky and know that although you may be separated by miles, however many, you all share the moon tonight.
For those divorced or single and not in a relationship; the moon can be a companion and a symbol of the love to come. Somewhere beneath this beautiful night sky and full moon is a wonderful person that you've yet to meet. Perhaps they are gazing up at the same moon and wondering about you as well. Love will find its way. All you have to do is believe.
For those in a relationship, it's the mystical sharing of a beautiful night where romance can blossom. Make love outdoors if you're brave enough. Or if not, sit outside with your lover, sipping a cool beverage and holding hands. Gaze up at the moon and enjoy the peacefulness of the moment together.
I like to imagine that full moons are the time when those of us who are creatures of passion are energized. It's a magical night; a time when the night world is highlighted with soft light.
Anything can happen on a full moon night. When you're a writer, you dream of those possibilities and your imagination soars. That's what I'll be doing tonight; imagining two people coming together on a Blue Moon night and taking the first steps on their journey to true love.
Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day, All. Please be safe, and I'll see you all in September!


  1. Beautifully written, Mary. I'd forgotten that tonight was a blue moon. I will try to get out and enjoy it.

    :) Ivy

  2. Thanks, Ivy. I love the full moon. It's just one of those things that always brightens my mood.

    Hope you are able to get out and enjoy it. :)