Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pushing the Boundaries of Erotic Imagination

I'm doing rewrites on a futuristic erotic romance novella, but I've been stuck on an erotic scene. In this scene the heroine is leading the hero through rooms that allow a voyeuristic view. Fine, but then I needed to up the ante.
She agrees to take him to the rooms that are more prohibitive and for him to see what goes on there. Damnit! *sigh* whose idea was that? My willful characters, of course.  They do this to me on a regular basis, so I should have expected it.
Not knowing what they wanted, I slept on it with no idea of the scene in my mind. I love sleep. I woke up this morning with the scene in my mind and it is rather unique. For whatever reason, it's a bit BDSM, which I've never written, but that's of no concern. I finally have an idea of what the heroine wants the hero to see.
This is a naughty scene even by my standards. I'm including some mechanical devices and there are things to ride on. *grin* By the time I'm done with this scene, the hero should be properly shocked and aroused, which is exactly what the heroine wants.
While this scene isn't quite done yet, I'll share with you the unedited (R-rated) excerpt that leads up to this very important and wickedly sexual scene. Enjoy.
CAUTION: Erotic Excerpt:
"The rooms can be locked or not depending on the whim of the occupants. We'll stay to the voyeur halls, since we aren't here to participate," she explained. She led him down the left wing.
She stopped at the first occupied room. A man was lying on a large bed, a woman sucking his cock, while another woman squatted over his head and fed him her pussy. Liana didn't need to look at Shurik to know he watched the scene with avid attention. The slight change to his breathing told her enough. "Does he look abused to you?" She didn't wait for him to answer but instead continued on down the hall.
A few rooms down she stopped and looked in on the occupants who consisted of several men and one woman. The woman laid on an upraised table, one man fucking her, while the other two played with her breasts. Each time the man between her legs orgasmed, another man took his place. The woman begged for more with each new man that slid between her thighs.
Shurik watched for a few minutes before turning to her and saying, "These are tame sexual acts and you know it…"
She loved the man's intelligence. "I didn't want to frighten you at the beginning." She explained away with a shrug. She didn't want to appear too eager to show him the more decadent rooms, less he suspect her motive. "What is it that you expect to see here?"
"Show me where the boundaries are pushed."
LOL. The man has no idea what he's just asked for, but I do. As this book is in the middle of revisions, I'll keep let you know when it's finished and ready to submit to a publisher.

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