Friday, August 17, 2012

I Can Still Blush

Here's a fun topic. What can make an erotic romance author blush? My answer: Sports. Let me explain.
While in line at the grocery store, I stood behind a man talking to the male cashier about what they enjoyed most about watching the Olympics. An ordinary enough topic until the conversation became women's volleyball. Apparently, the cashier and customer had both really enjoyed watching women's volleyball.
Show of hands as to who knows the reason why.
Yeah…this is about when I started to feel my cheeks heat. Yes folks I, as an erotic romance author, was blushing. They discussed certain ladies athleticism. Okay, at this point I'm taking care to stare at the items not yet unloaded from my cart. OMG, do I really want to know what men are thinking? After a few interesting comment about athletic attributes, I decided to completely tune them out as they spoke.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude but hearing ribald comments when hanging out with my guy friends is different than hearing strangers talk. Mercifully, the belt moved so I concentrated on putting my food up on the conveyor. At this point, I decided to tune back in to the last of their conversation. Lol, talk about a happy ending.
The cashier proceeded to say "yeah, you gotta use it or lose it", at which point the customer agreed with a hearty laugh.
The Olympics sure have brought out some interesting aspects that escaped my own dirty little mind. That's saying quite a bit. I mean, have you ever watched baseball and seen how often the batter touches himself?
Yeah, like I'm the only woman who's ever noticed.  ;-) Oh, btw, Football season is starting soon. Let's look at some butts!!! LOL

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