Monday, July 30, 2012

Storm Clouds Spark Creative Energies

I love the monsoon season when big, fluffy, grey storm clouds move in and rain cools the temps down to the manageable nineties. You can scent the moisture in the air and the electricity all around.
These are my most exciting times to write. I use a laptop so there are no worries about power surges, so I welcome the drizzle of rain and use it as a backdrop to refresh my mind and creative energies.
Okay, so I'll admit that I've even gone out and stood in the rain a time or two. There is such sensation on the skin. It's an almost magical moment to feel the raw power of Mother Nature. I don't advise going out if there is lightning, though. I believe the rule is if you can hear thunder, then you can be struck by lightning. Just as friendly heads up there.
I think many authors feel energized by storms. I don't know what it is, but there is no denying the effect. I can write far more pages when it's raining outside, then when it's a clear day. I have more clarity with my characters and the action scenes are twice as exciting.
Have you ever stood outside with your eyes closed as a storm is approaching? Felt the wind against your skin, weaving through your hair, the scent of rain tickling your nose. You feel a million different sensations all at once. You feel infinite and finite at the same time. Not to mention that storms are the greatest times to write sex scenes!
My apologies if I've gotten off topic. Rain is predicted for the next few days and it just got me thinking how wonderful Mother Nature can be, and how she serves up such profuse doses of life energy for us to consume.
Good writing and good reading to all!

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