Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Committed a Writing Sin, Now I'm Concerned

After submitting a romantic novella to a publisher, I can't help wonder if it was the right thing to do. Why, you ask? Well, the story took me to an interesting place when it came to sex. Yes, I committed a writing sin and wrote a closed-door sex scene.
There is the lead up to the h/h intimate encounter and the hero leaves no doubt that he wants the heroine, but there is no actual sex scene. Now, I can't help think that the story will be rejected based on this.
I wish I could explain the reasoning behind writing a closed-door sex scene, but the best that I can say is that this is where the story and characters led me. Something about them caught me off guard, and I didn't feel right showcasing their love-making. I didn't think it'd be awkward, just too intimate to write. That must sound silly coming from an author.
The notion is even stranger for me considering I've written both erotic romance and erotica. I have no problem writing a sex scene. I can't help wonder if other authors have ever gone through this.
How is it possible to have written scorchingly hot sex scenes in other books and have this book be so different?
I suppose the best thing I can do is to reread the story again, and really look with fresh eyes on the sexual content. I hate to take the time to do this as I believe that the story is excellent as it is, but my opinion matters for nothing if a publisher doesn't agree. *sigh*
Guess now we all know how I'm planning to spend my weekend. Yes, the glamorous life of a romance author. Lol. In fairness, rereads and edits may suck, but they make a difference when it comes to the quality of a book.
Well, I'm off to the trenches! *marching music*….


  1. Maybe the fact that the story went somewhere different might be good and in your favor. Let the story speak for itself.

    1. Thank you, Savannah. You might be right on that. It could just be a matter of me being stuck in my own head about it.

      No wonder they say for authors to work on the next story while waiting, otherwise we worry. Lol.