Friday, July 6, 2012

Character Deaths from PMS

Okay, so I admit I may have killed off a character or two while suffering the monthly effects of PMS. Is that so bad? It isn't as if I don't bring them back or anything. I do write in the paranormal genre after all, so resurrections aren't impossible.
Please understand that I'm not impossible during these times. Yes, I'm a bit bloated, so I may cause the hero to trip stupidly on a rug right in front of the heroine…but I don't break his leg. If I'm at all short-tempered, which I say I'm not, then perhaps the hero may get stabbed by a bad guy. He's not invincible, so it happens. If I have tender boobs…well, I can tell you that the hero isn't getting any lovin', so he might as well just handle it by himself for a while. Lol. Yeah, that one's mean but I liked it.
Isn't it natural though that an author share some of their daily emotions with their characters?
So, in Dhampir Passions my hero, Radu, was held captive by a female vampire. I may have been feeling a bit female dominant at the time. Well, see for yourself with this small excerpt.
A cold body rubbed itself sinuously against Radu, cool hands caressing his face and neck. The unnatural sensation brought him around to the distasteful circumstances of his captivity.
He opened his eyes to the sight of the vampiress he’d recently fought, writhing naked against him. Both his arms were stretched out, silver chains entwined with Christ’s Thorn holding him immobile. His wrists bled where the thorns pierced through. The razor-like, slate stone wall scraped his naked back raw with each breath.
“My master will be pleased you’ve awakened,” the vampiress cooed.
I seem to remember that in Love's Demon Ways I actually put my hero, Ren, into a type of demonic coma because my heroine had left him. Yeah, I believe cramps may have gotten the better of me that day, as I thought he should suffer for not thinking of a way to keep her. He irritated me, what can I say. (shrug) He suffered in the coma too, bad dreams and such. Yeah, definitely cramp based writing.
Hmm, I'm starting to think this doesn't reflect well on me. What do you think, readers? I mean, if the hero eventually makes it out alive and gets to keep the woman of his dreams, then am I not entitled to inflict a little pain when suffering my own physical woes?
Wait! I recall reading, Seducing the Hero by Kari Thomas, where the hero was actually run over by the heroine's pets. I believe the poor man even had his face sat on by a particular animal. Could that scene have been related to a physical ailment such as PMS? Maybe she'll pop over and fess up.  ;-)
I can honestly admit that I have never written a story where the hero had to deal with a PMS-ing heroine. That just seems too cruel. Besides, I just know he'd do something stupid around her and I'd have to kill him, so why write myself into that particular corner.
Anyone else wish to admit to inflicting a little pain, either during that time of the month or just a bad day? Come on, I know I'm not the only author with an evil streak. I read too, you know. Lol.
If you wish to confess what you've done to a character or two, remember to leave the name of your book in which this wickedness occurred. We all enjoy new good reads.

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  1. LOL! Mary this is priceless!! I think you just discovered a well kept secret among Romance authors! From now on, every time I read where the hero is suffering one way or another Im going to have to wonder if the author had PMS that day!

    Okay, I admit I have tortured my heroes one way or another at particular times when my mood swings were off the charts. Phew. Thats a relief to admit! LOL!

    In SEDUCING THE HERO, poor Colt was attacked by a set of animal-pets and one ended up sitting on his face and pushing his head into the mud. (Hehehe!)

    In UNDER A SHIFTERS MOON, poor Lyon was actually knocked on his butt by the heroine. (Loved that one!)

    In SPELL-KISSED, poor Hunter was tortured every time he turned around. The heroine was a "witch-with-a-glitch" and her spells kept backfiring ---mostly on him!

    So, you get the picture. And youre so absolutely RIGHT.....PMS is dangerous to a hero!

    LOL! Hugs, sweetie! Kari

  2. Lol. I knew I'd get you to admit to something.

    Of course, it could be said that authors like their romance heros hearty and strong, so we give them a little test along their way to love.

    Yeah, that sounds fair to me. ;)

    Hugs back!