Thursday, June 14, 2012

What does Flag Day mean to You?

Today is Flag Day; a day to celebrate our beautiful red, white and blue. Those stars and stripes are an inspiration to those in the U.S. and all around the world.
There is a reason that we give flags to those new residents of this country as they take their oath of citizenship. There is a reason that we drape the caskets of our honored soldiers with a flag.
The U.S. stars and stripes is a symbol of hope when we are lost and afraid, a symbol of freedom to those who've known only oppression, and a symbol of an honorable life to those who we mourn as fallen heroes.
Our flag is not just who we are as a nation, but a promise to the world that so long as those glorious colors fly high in the sky, we are unbreakable. We may squabble as individual states, but as a nation we stand proud, always ready to defend and protect.
So this Wednesday June 14, 2012, I will wear my Betty Boop t-shirt that has an American flag as the background to show my pride and joy in my flag and my country.
What does Flag Day mean to you? How will you celebrate Flag Day?
Mary Corrales

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