Monday, June 18, 2012

A Reason to Leave the Writing Cave

Romance authors love to spend their days writing. It's a perfect day when the pages fly by, the plot is ever deepening, and the sex makes us hungry for more.
I've experienced those days and they are magical. It's as if we enter our writing cave and step into the world of our books. Time has no meaning. I've gone several hours without food or something to drink when my fingers and imagination work together.
An interloper will receive a snarled welcome if they interrupt this time of creativity. Especially, if it's for something like dinner or sleep. Sex? Well, yeah, you might be able to coax us out for that, but only if it involves a back rub first. We like those. *cheeky grin*
Yes, authors can get lost in their own minds. That's why it's so important to have a support system. We need the family member that asks where dinner is, or better yet, to let us know that dinner is ready. Sometimes just a phone call that forces us to stand up and stretch our legs is good. 
Of course at the time these are interruptions might not be appreciated, but life isn't about living in your imagination. It's about living your life by succeeding at your chosen profession, and sharing those triumphs with family and friends.
One of the best times I ever had involved putting everything on hold for a Christmas party at my day job. I'd just sold my first book, was doing promotion work on the groups and elsewhere and thought it such an unnecessary intermission to go and socialize—even with friends. I'm not a social creature to begin with so staying home and working on the computer suited me just fine.
Instead, I went to the Christmas party and guess what? I ended up having an impromptu book signing. Several co-workers had bought my book and wanted autographs. The honor nearly brought me to tears. That's when I realized that life needed to be more for me than non-stop writing and publishing.
Celebrate your life and your chosen profession as an author by socializing. Go out with that friend to dinner or drinks. Spend the day at the mall with a family member, shopping and people watching.
Don't just let your characters experience the things you'd like to do…go do things for yourself. Just as we create characters, let us allow those characters to inspire us to be bold in our lives, to live without regret and experience the fullness that life has to offer.
What brings you out of your writing cave?


  1. Great question, Mary. Im like you, not the too-sociable type; I'll growl at anyone who dares disturb me while writing! LOL! But since Ive moved into this new community, Im finding neighbors here are incredibly friendly --and busybodies. They drop by ALL the time, they force me to attend neighborhood events, they call.

    I once had a "Cave". Now I have a sign on my door that says: "Welcome, the Witch is in". I thought it would scare them off. HA. They think its funny! Groan.

    Is it any wonder my Muse has ran away? LOL!

    hugs, Kari Thomas,

    1. Lol! I love your sign. I keep looking for one that say, "Not Welcome, Go Away". Lol. Apparently, they don't make those. *shrug*

      Still, it's good for us authors to be social with people, even if we think we'd rather be writing.

      When your muse does come back, I bet it'll have some sexy stories to tell. :) Let's hope.