Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Fresh Start in July

For many, the month of June has simply sucked; whether it be from doctor's appointments, or threats of trademark lawsuits, it's been a month to forget. I know that quite a few of my fellow authors are looking forward to a fresh start in July.
Perhaps that's why it's so fitting that July is when we celebrate Independence Day. Maybe I've been watching the hummingbirds that dart in and out of the sprinkler too long, but I feel that July will better.
First off, I have redecorated my bedroom with a new bedspread ensemble in lavender. I bought this ten piece set that included decorative pillows, from Anna's Linens for $30. A good price for something fresh and lightweight. Does anyone else find optimism in doing something as simple as redecorating a few items in a room? I know that for my mom, new throw pillows on the couch usually do it for her. Of course, some fresh carnations weekly also help.

Writing wise, I intend to start work on a new book. I'm not sure what I'm in the mood to write, but I'm sure it will be spicy. Must be a side effect from these 110 degree days. I still have the sequel to Love's Demon Ways to continue, and I have a futuristic/space opera book that I'd really love to finish. Ah, so many choices.
What are everyone's plans for July? Will you be making a fresh start?

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  1. Its July already? June was determined to hang on, wasnt it! LOL!

    Im hoping to be able to finish editing a children's book for an author, RE-start on my unfinished ms., and...... find a cure for "Barometer Headaches"!

    What, you ask? Come on Mary, I heard you! A Barometer Headache is when you get a bad headache simply because there are heavy clouds that refuse to produce rain and the Barometer keeps changing cause the weather cant make up its mind. Groan. There's just gotta be a cure!

    Anyhoo! Here's to a BETTER and more productive July!

    HUGS, Kari Thomas