Friday, June 22, 2012

Dirty Friday!

Happy Friday! Let's celebrate with a dirty little quickie to get you off to your weekend right. WARNING:  Adult Sexual Content. Enjoy!

            "I'll drink until one of us is under the table," Bree declared.  
            "Fine, shots it is then." Tony motioned the waitress over and ordered them ten shots each of bourbon.
            The waitress returned in no time with dark amber liquid filling small glasses. Bree stared down at the shots and smiled. "You don't know what you're in for, lover."
            He grinned. "I think I can deal with anything you got, and still handle my liquor."
            "Are you inferring that you have the upper hand on me?"
            His eyes briefly traveled over her breasts, hidden from view by a dark blue t-shirt. The v-neck showed a considerable amount of cleavage as she wasn't a small busted woman. "Yeah, I can handle you, all right."
            Then their game began in earnest.
            By shot number four, she was grinning ear to ear at him. Oh, he thought her well and truly tanked, but not so. She felt the alcohol for certain, but she wasn't drunk yet. It just relaxed her enough to concede the shot game to him while still ensuring her own victory.
            "Ready to give in," he asked.
            Bree nibbled her top lip and then slowly slid under her side of the table. He didn't try to stop her, knowing by the slowness of her descent that she was doing it on purpose.
            He laughed when she disappeared completely. No one saw her as the long table cloth hid her from view. "I guess I win."
            She put a hand on each of his knees. "Yes, I did."  She reached forward, popping the top button of Tony's jeans. His whole body tensed. She wondered if he'd let her do what she intended.
            A pair of shoes to her left proclaimed the arrival of the waitress. Was she busted? "Can I get you anything else, sir?"
            Tony's voice came out smooth. "No, thanks. I think I'll just nurse the rest of these shots." After the waitress left, he said, "Damn. I didn't know what I was going to have to say if she asked about you. You better come up before I finish nursing these four shots."
Bree smiled. Without hesitation, she reached for the zipper of his jeans. "Sip slow. You'll know when I'm done."

Mary Corrales  ;-)

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